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tv   FOX 29 News at 6PM  FOX  September 6, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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>> and he's strong kid. he's a tough kid. he's a hell avenue cop. >> reporter: those words from a fellow officer as over 100 officers from more than 20 departments flooded in atlantic county courtroom in support of wounded atlantic city police officer josh lee vadell. >> from the hour it happened up until now it's been a humbling experience to see law enforcement community from local, county, state, federal that has come to our aid. >> reporter: the officers came to represent officer vadell and his family as shooting suspects martel chisholm and demetrius cross stood before a judge to face a item the murder charges. >> yeah. want to get a lawyer. >> reporter: chisholm from millville and cross from bridgeton were arrested after the pair an third man jerome damon of camden allegedly tried to rob three men at gun point saturday morning as officers every oh vadell came upon the robbery and stepped from his patrol car he was shot. his partner quickly returned fire killing damon. officer vadell is in critical but stable condition. >> if this were to happen to
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anyone he's the guy he'll get through this. he's going to recover. >> reporter: cross and chisholm captured after intense manhunt following the shooting. investigators haven't said who shot the officer. a nine year veteran of the force. pba president matt rogers praised officer vadell for his bravery in the line of duty. >> we're human underneath all of this, and unfortunately he became the victim of very violent crime and he's on the road to recovery. now the pba says officer vadell is improving. gofundme page set up to help him with his medical expenses has now surpassed $52,000. dawn? >> all right, thank you, dave. philadelphia police have launched an eternal -- inch affairs investigation to determine if an officer will be charged for shooting a relative last night while the officer was off duty at his home on taunton street in northeast philadelphia. after an argument police say the officer fired his gun at least two times. the relative who was hit was last listed in critical but
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stable condition in the hospit hospital. new developments to night in the sexual assault case against bill cosby. the comedian returning to a moment county courtroom today where he got an idea about when his case will go to trial. prosecutors also telling a judge who they want to testify in the upcoming trial. our crews have been inside the courtroom all day long. let's get straight out to bruce gordon live outside the montgomery county courthouse. bruce? >> reporter: yeah, dawn, nothing about this complex and controversial case now nearly a dozen years old has happened fast. so it may not surprise to you learn the cosby trial is now set to get underway next june 5th. after today's court session, it's not entirely clear the whole thing will play out here in norristown. prosecutors want to use cosby's own words against him at trial. specifically incriminating statements he made in a phone call with his alleged victim's mother months after the incident. the defense insists the call was illegally recorded. prosecutors say it's struckly
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legit and helps their cause. >> the call should come in. it's a call that was made into canada, and it was legally obtained there. we shall be a able to use it. >> reporter: cosby accused of of drugging and sexually molesting andrea constand a temple university athletic department employee at his cheltenham home in 2004. the case has drawn international attention with cosby's defense team now saying they'll seek to move the case out of the philadelphia area to ensure fairness among jurors. prosecutors will fight that attempt. we've also learned they'll try to bring 13 other cosby accusers all plaintiffs in civil cases against him to testify in this criminal case. trying to establish a pattern of behavior by the actor and comedian. cosby's defense team refused to take questions after the session but blasted the judicial system media coverage of the allegations. >> the media has presumed him guilty not innocent. the media has championed the causes of his accusers with
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little thought to investigation, with little thought to challen challenging or exposing the motivations behind any accusations. >> to accept the assumption of guilty by numbers or guilt by volume is really the same thing as accepting the assumption of guilt before innocence. >> reporter: prosecutors say all 13 of the women they would like to come forward to and testify in this criminal case have agreed to come to trial. of course it will be up to the judge in this case to decide whether that testimony is admissible when finally getting around to hearing this old thing next june. more drama to come. >> thank you bruce. jury selection is under way in the center city building collapse trial. it will determine who will have to pay damages to the victims in that 2013 tragedy. six people died and 13 others were injured after a brick wall came crashing down on to a salvation army store. the lawsuit target salvation
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army, demolition contractor, the man operatin operating anka vadn architect and any new york real estate speculator. according to published reports 120 potential jurors will be interviewed. it could take weeks before a jury is finally seated. just over two months after surviving seven gunshots a delaware county officer is set to return to the street. fulcroft police say officer christopher dorman cleared tour duty and scheduled to return on friday. in late june he was dispatched to call and reported drug activity and moments after responding dorman was shot in the face, leg and chest. police arrested a man they called a career drug dealer for the shooting. tropical storm hermine still on the move tonight. the storm headed back to our area. create something big waves from here all the way up to massachusetts. parts of the shore seeing rain from this storm. let's check in with meteorologist dave warren to see how it's all playing out. dave? >> actually, seeing some impacts from the storm right now on the
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radar here. this is what it look like. here's some areas of rain. these bands of rain are moving in from the north and pushing south the storm has turned north and jogged west a little bit. as close as it will possibly be and that's it because there's no more advisory being issue by the national hurricane center. so this is pretty much it. here's these bands that continue to move to the south. if you're anywhere near ocean county, around atlantic city, and right along the parkway down through cape may county you can see a few showers tonight. they do try to work their way west don't make much progress inland. this is pretty much right along the coast there. so through long beach island, atlantic city, brigantine, seeing some rain move through the area. not much moving this storm for now but that is about to change within the next 24 hours. you see it turn north and jog west a little bit. could actually loop around and work its way out. this is the last advisory as close as it will be to the coast here reported as 115 miles east of atlantic city 2:00 o'clock advisory that's it no more issues from the national hurricane center for this storm. the radar shows it will continue to work its way out of the area but the future weather computer
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does keep some of this rain in the area tonight. here's 11:00 o'clock this evening. from toms river through atlantic city could see a few of these bands working its way inland just along the coast. down the shore this week, you want to try to extent the summer might deal with rain tonight. start to clear out and then we have big changes once we get little more sunshine. that heat returns. heat wave in that seven day forecast the numbers are coming your way in just a little bit. all right, dave, thank you. police are looking into a shooting in the city's crescen crescentville section after a man showed up at the hospital with a gunshot wound to his leg. right now officers say that man is not cooperating. police think the shooting happened in the 500 block of rose sal lee street. surveillance video shows a group of men running off knew a liquor store. police think some type of fight started the shooting. a new jersey republican running for a seat on the west deptford township committee is now dropping out of the race a mid reports that he harassed a reporter via social media. michael kravitz submitted think letter of resignation today.
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a reporter for the daily beat says kravitz sent her harassing messages on facebook one she says even saying that the former candidate showed that someone would sexually assault her. the chairman of the west deptford republican party committee says it found no evidence that kravitz's accounts were hacked. he call the comments quote repulsive. the end of era for itt tech after 50 years in service the for profit college is closing all campuses. the school laying ought 8,000 employees and telling students they can no longer enroll the closing comes after the us department of education banned itt tech from enrolling students who use financial aid. it's under investigation for its recruiting and accounting procedures and it's being ordered to pay $152 million to the government to cover student refunds. it claims the government actions are unwarned. pennsylvania lawmakers are trying to further loosen the state's alcohol laws. supporters want beer
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distributors to now have the same ability to sell wine that was recently extended to grocery stores. stores are now allowed to sell four bottles of wine per customer. today a new bill was introduced in the senate looking to do the same thing for beer distributo distributors. >> these are small businesses. these are people that took loans on their homes, struggle every day to make payroll, in order to keep business going and we inadvertently hurt them introducing the legislation around wine and liquor stores -- wine in grocery stores. level that playing field. give these smile small business owners the entrepreneurs the opportunity to compete with the surrounding grocery stores. >> the push comes after legislation loosening restrictions for other liquor and wine sales which went into effect last month across pennsylvania. public school students in philadelphia head back to the classroom tomorrow and for kids in kindergarten through third grade they'll be greeted by a whole bunch of new books. the school district today unpacking more than 130,000 new
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books that will be spread to 650 classrooms. >> they will be read a loud books, books that are level based on a child's reading level and the whole point of the level book is to create confidence in the young person that, um, they can actually do the reading it doesn't feel too complicated or too easy but it's right at their reading level. >> the new books are part of a push to help every student read on grade level by the fourth grade. new at 6:00 a robbery captured on video at a local business. the alleged robber used weapon you don't really hear about very often. what police say he may have sprayed an employee with. a prestigious local college at the center of a heated controversy. the tweets from the board chairman that has some thinking what was he thinking? sean? >> iain starting a rookie quarterback usually means you're not trying to win now. carson wentz is now your starter but the guy say nothing change
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♪ police are looking foreman who was ready to light up more than just cigarettes at a local store. philadelphia police say last week this man robbed the sunny cigarette store at the mayfair mall. mows say the guy walked into the store holding a lighter and a plastic water bottle filled with a yellow liquid. the man demanded money from the clerk and then sprayed him with water bottle. the clerk realized the liquid was some kind of accelerant and opened the cash register he then put the money from the register into a plastic yellow bag. the guy took off with undisclosed amount of money. happening now, controversy surrounding a prestigious money county college. the board chairman at ursinus college is under fire for some of his tweets. >> some students calling the posts sexist and racist. our bill anderson is in the newsroom tonight after speaking with some students and the school's president about the controversy. bill? >> reporter: iain, ursinus college's website says students should think for themselves but
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be careful what you wish for because that independent thinking is on full display right now as students are questioning tweets from the chairman of board went too far and should he face discipline? >> it happens all the time on social media. racism, sexism, body shaming, students have to learn how to handle their social media appropriately except this time it wasn't a student, it was the chairman of the board? >> there was a series of tweets and some of those tweets i think were absolutely unacceptable as far as things such as comments towards race and weight and those type thing. >> reporter: after looking through the twitter account of michael march couldn't students posposted some of his comments online comments about caitlin jenner, overweight women and yoga pants and president barack obama have some students upset and have the college president recognizing that this needs to be addressed. >> i'm a little unhappy with some of the words in the tweets. they're not consistent with our value and our mission here at our sinus college.
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>> reporter: the issue isn't if this has to be addressed pretty much agrees it does. it's how. some students are demanding mr. march couldn't be removed from the board but the president of the school as well as several students say this is a learning experience. >> i do know mr. march couldn't and i know that he regrets saying those and i think we are all going through an interesting process of educating ourselves right now. >> reporter: i wouldn't want my entire career judged based on some thoughtless or incentive tweets i posted several years ago but the flip side of this if a student did it, they probably would be face discipline. and hopefully the message that comes out of all of this is everyone needs to be careful on social social media. not just the students. >> you shall still be held accountable for what you say but have the chance to explain yourself. what you meant at that time and how that has changed. >> reporter: people in the community are upset about this. one board member has resign say the tweets were so offensive he will not serve with him. marcon is meeting tomorrow with
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offended students and then iain we'll find out if school leaders were face the same types of consequences of social media they constantly warn the students about. thank you, bill. >> back to your fox 29 weather authority now. meteorologist dave warren in and boy, anis day. >> beautiful. bottle this day. >> bottle it up and put it in the fridge. because you won't go bad for long here we're looking at heat and humidity coming back. you want to get this weather back soon. ironically, no longer issuing advisories for the tropical -- post tropical storm hermine it's close enough it's really impacting the area. minor coastal flooding this morning and bands of rain move through the area. so the last three hours you see the rain just trying to work its way barely inland here but ocean county from toms river down through atlantic city and cape may maybe a passing shower. heaviest just north of atlantic city right now makes just few miles inland here that heaviest rain is right around mystic island as it moves right over
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the parkway and southern tip of long beach island. let's look at the computer forecast show you how long this will stick around for at least the next few hours these bands continue to spin through. by 1:00 o'clock in the morning, still some rain coming down. a few clouds making this far west as philadelphia. and then we'll just see that rain slowly begin to move out. little transition day tomorrow. not bad. the temperatures climb no the upper 80s but then after that, we'll talk about some heat and humidity. still a few wind gusts out there that's dying down should be nice comfortable night just light breeze. look up you'll see mars and saturn just to the west of the moon tonight. when do you it will be into the 70s a little cooler that rain cooled air in wrightstown 77 but a good close to 10 degrees warmer in philadelphia where it's still 86 degrees. the remnant low moves out. heat and humidity move in. our temperatures are climbing into the 90s. doesn't last long, though a front will slide through the area this weekend put an end to the potential heat wave here. we could could be talking about thursday, friday and saturday above 90 degrees. heat index near 100 degrees and
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it clears sunday afternoon and evening. still a few clouds maybe a shower in the morning look at the heat index this is by thursday afternoon. closing in on 100 degrees a few spots hit it like philadelphia so it will feel like it's 100 with that heat plus humidity. tomorrow doesn't feel like it 100. up to 88 degrees with partly cloudy skies just a light breeze. 78 at night. temperatures getting nice and comfortable. 88 tomorrow but then we have some stretch of 99s thursday, friday and saturday. showers and thunderstorms coming in both friday and saturday. now sunday we'll say clouds in the morning and then it clears out in the afternoon. monday and tuesday looking pretty nice with temperature right about 80 degrees. we got temple saturday and eagles on sunday. with that, let's go to sean. >> dave eagles seem to be making trades every other day. today howie rose money got rid of another chip kelly guy and temple had all types of problems in their season opener.
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they followed up a storied season with a dud in the opening game. the owls talk about what they need to do to change next in sports.
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from 500 million solar panels installed by the end of my first term, to precision manufacturing. we'll beat the competition and create new high wage jobs. we can do this, millions of jobs right here in america. that's my plan. ♪ it's clear howie roseman hates chip kelly. right now he's trying get rid of any player that even reminds him of the chip kelly era just a little. today roseman traded cornerback eric rowe to the new england
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patriots nor josh klein in draft pick. row labeled a bust after one year tons of moves being made but sam bradford one obviously is the biggest. so we asked players with carson as the starter does that lower the expectations for this seas season. >> no. never. i think, you know, we still have the same expectations that we had before, um, but you guys know this league. you got to take this one game at a time. >> it didn't change our goals at all. um, you know, i don't come to work every day to not win. i think that's, you know, the goals for everybody here to within the championship. and in no way has those plans change. >> back to college football. temple season already starting with a set back. a bad loss to army 28-13 at the last year's historic season you can't start off like that. army had 329 rushing yards in the game. temple just seemed to lack
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toughness, heart and basics they had last year. head coach matt ruhle has been at temple for three years. he's seen winning and losing formulas and a common denominator to winning games. >> you know i've been zero-five and seven and zero here. good teams and bad teams. you learn who to you win. i know mike asked me how to teach kids to win. are you going to be tough? are you going to have leadership when it's hard? are you going to do your job. >> as a team you got to pick it up as a group just to go out there and play with lot more passion and energy. we were flat last friday night. expecting a lot of things to happen but we got to overlook that and be ready to go this week. >> look at this play from last night. florida state down 21-three. wide open. no one near him. he fumbles it out of bounds. that would have been a touchdown. the team would only get a field goal because of that. switching hands. athletes not having long athletic moments. what was that? luckily florida
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state blazed on. future nfl star so it's okay. >> had they lost that game -- >> right. it would have been a different story. >> he would have been every jordan meme possibly crying. >> come on. >> exactly. >> had a good come back last night. >> so weather wise. >> don't cry. 90s. >> heat wave there. 99s. heat wave. talking about 90s. barely a heat wave, though, but starts on thursday. so thursday, friday and saturday with thunderstorms above 90 degrees. >> all right. thank you dave. tune in tonight for the fox 29 news at 10. caught on camera this woman sets her ex-boyfriend's car on fire. she fans the flames with stuff in the trunk. what she didn't realize when she started the fire that. will do it for us here at 6:00. >> we'll see you back here at 10:00. a have great night. and side edition is um next.
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now it's your turn to make the switch. the just released frat boy. what he was forced to sign on the dotted line. >> and his mom trying to block the pictures. >> and -- >> ann coulter. >> roasted alive. how the rob lowe roast turned into an ann coulter annihilation. >> this is brutal. >> homeowners beware. how are you doing, ma'am. >> how this salesman is trying to get you to buy a new home alarm system. >> aren't you trying to mislead your customers? >> could they be knocking on your door? >> the doctor who broadcasts his operations live on social media for all the world to see. even the patient's mom is cain


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